Cell Biology

... from active transport to vesicles


סּסּ cells סּ extracellular matrixeukaryoticcytoplasmribosomesplant cellprokaryotic
סּסּ adhesion סּ adhesion ~ adhesion molecules ~ cadherinscateninscytoskeletondesmosomes ~ immunoglobulins ~ integrinsmicrotubules ~ selectins
סּסּ membranes סּ cell membranesion channelsplasma membrane
סּסּ nucleus סּ laminsnuclear membranenuclear porenucleolusnucleus
סּסּ organelles סּ centrioleschloroplastsciliaendoplasmic reticulumGolgi apparatusmitochondrionplastidsribosomes
סּסּ skeleton סּ actincadherinscateninscytoskeletondesmindesmoplakinECMintermediate filamentsintermediate-filament associated proteinskeratinskeratin diversitylaminslatticemicrofilamentsmicrotubulesmitotic spindlereceptor controlspindletensegritytubulin
סּסּ vesicles סּ endosomesexosomelysosomeperoxisomeproteasomevacuolevesicle

Џ beautiful Flash 8 animation - Inner Life of the Cell, which shows cellular structure and function, and Interpretation: Inner Life of the Cell Џ


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