Cell Biology

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Ribosomes are large intracellular aggregates attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum. They comprise several RNAs and scores of proteins, and function as ribozymes.

Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes mainly occurs in the nucleolus, a specialized nuclear
compartment. The synthesis of rRNAs is not achieved by simple transcription of the individual rRNA species, rather it requires a complex series of post-transcriptional processing steps.

Largest Computational Biology Simulation Mimics Life's Most Essential Nanomachine: "The ribosome is so fundamental to life that many portions of this molecular machine are identical in every organism ever genetically sequenced. In developing the project, the team identified a corridor inside the ribosome that the transfer RNA must pass through for the decoding to occur, and it appears to be constructed almost entirely of universal bases, implying that it is evolutionarily ancient."

Џ beautiful Flash 8 animation - Inner Life of the Cell, which shows ribosomes in action, and Interpretation: Inner Life of the Cell Џ

Voxel simulation image : Image 2 : Image 3 : Image 4 : Image 5 : High res movie : Low res movie : See an image of the Q machine at http:/​/​www.lanl.gov/​asci/​.


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