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Protein Kinase Signaling Networks

Protein Kinase Signaling Networks
Yale Scientists Decipher 'Wiring Pattern' Of Cell Signaling Networks: modified : "Led by Michael Snyder, Lewis B Cullman Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, these researchers focused on the expression and relationship between proteins of the yeast cell 'proteome,' or the proteins that are active in a cell. Protein kinases act as regulator switches and modify their target proteins by adding a phosphate group to them. This process, called 'phosphorylation,' results in altered activity of the phosphorylated protein. It is estimated that 30% of all proteins are regulated by this process. From the wealth of information generated by these experiments Snyder's team constructed a complex map of the regulatory networks governing the functions and activities of the kinases in the yeast cell. The map shows several distinct patterns."


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